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Jun 14, 2015 | Sean Warren | 5558 views
Picture taking dates/times
Final Individual Photo Night: THURSDAY, JUNE 18th

Learn to Play, Trimite, any older player who missed their team photo and anyone wishing to order individual photos who did not have their individual photo taken last Thursday should plan to have their picture taken this Thursday.

Photos by Blue Dog Photography

This year we will be doing individual photos for Learn to Play and Trimite at the ACC (Ayr Community Centre, old arena, 7 Church St.).  All Learn to Play and Trimite players should have their picture taken, regardless of whether or not you plan to purchase individual photos.  This way they can be included in the team photo.

For U10 ages and older we will be doing team photos at Victoria Park on game or practice night.  Players who missed the team photo night can still be included in the team picture by having an individual photo taken.

Parents wishing to purchase individual photos for U10 and older players may have their player attend one of the photo session at the ACC to have their individual photo taken.
Players should wear their team baseball shirt, baseball hat and their baseball pants if their team wears them.  They should also bring their baseball glove as they may choose to pose with their glove.

Picture night includes ALL coaches as well.  Please don't forget to have your picture taken too!


Individual photos (Learn to Play, Trimite, any older players that wish to or need to have photo taken)

Thursday, June 11th, 5:00pm to 7:30pm at the ACC (old arena)
Thursday, June 18th, 5:00pm to 7:30pm at the ACC (old arena)
NOTE: These dates will be quite busy from 5:30-7:00pm.  If you are able to attend before or after this time period, it should be a shorter wait.
Pictures for each individual player are taken with a green screen background.  The players/parents will select the picture they would like from the set of photos taken.

The team photo will be compiled from each individual player and coach photo. There is no need for the entire team to be at the same photo day or at the same time.  A team photo will be provided to each player at the end of the season at no charge.

Individual player photos are not included with your registration fee.  Those that choose to purchase individual photos will not need to do this at the picture sessions.  Individual photo packages will be available for you to purchase at Victoria Park later in the season.

Team photos for U10 and U12 House League teams

U10 HL Tuesday June 9 at Victoria Park
U10 Green Cargill - 6:00 pm Tuesday June 9
U10 Maroon Ayr Financial Services - 6:15 pm Tuesday June 9
U10 Navy Community Physio - 6:30 Tuesday June 9
U10 Light Blue - Dal Hasting - 6:45 pm Tuesday June 9

U12 HL Wednesday June 17 at Victoria Park.  Rain date Tuesday June 23.

U12 Navy Remax - 6:00 pm Wednesday, June 17
U12 Maroon Cargill - 6:15 pm Wednesday, June 17
U12 Yellow Home Hardware - 6:30 pm Wednesday, June 17

Photos by Blue Dog Photography
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