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The following links will take you to video of some of the best hitters in the world.
I encourage players to watch these videos many times to develop a feel for how high level hitters swing.  The rhythm and timing of these hitters is the key to their success.
While softball does allow less optimal swings to be productive (ex. slap hitting), there is really no difference between a high level softball and baseball swing.   The important part is in any swing analysis is identifying the style elements from the necessary high level ones.

Major League Baseball

Miguel Cabrera (MLB Triple Crown Winner - Best HR, Batting Avg., RBI in league)
Cabrera has arguably the purest swing in baseball.  Despite the appearance of his pre-launch constantly changing over his career, from the critical point in the swing he has remained the ideal model for any hitter.

Jose Bautista (MLB Silver Slugger, HR champion)
Bautista's leg kick is a timing mechanism for him but not really part of his power generation.  Leg kicks are fine if done in a controlled manner.  Focus more on the actions of the back leg and hip to see what really drives this engine.

Josh Donaldson (MLB allstar)
Donaldson has a violent swing that gets the most out of his lower body and core.  In spite of the rapid actions and exaggerated leg kick, his swing pattern is the same as all other elite hitters. 

College Women's Softball

Unfortunately there is not as much quality video of softball swings however you can check out this link for a collection of some of the best.