Vulnerable Sector Check (Ayr Minor Softball Association)

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Vulnerable Sector Checks

All AMSA coaches are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Check.  The documents are considered current for two years, after which time a new Vulnerable Sector Check should be submitted to AMSA.

To obtain this document:

1. Determine the police service whose jurisdiction is your primary residence (Waterloo Regional, OPP, etc.).  See links below.
2. Submit an application either online or in person for the Vulnerable Sector Check.  You will need to pick the document up in person with proper identifying documentation and the AMSA Request Letter.
3. Submit Vulnerable Sector Check document to the AMSA Privacy Officer.  If you submit your payment receipt, you'll be issued reimbursement for the check.

Waterloo Regional Police
Online application is now available.  Proper identifying documentation required.

Waterloo Regional Police Vulnerable Sector Check Information

Ontario Provincial Police (if you reside outside Waterloo Region)
Form available at the link below, see item # 3 - Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC).  Proper identifying documentation required.
OPP Background Check Information

AMSA Request Letter
Bring this letter with you as proof that you are volunteering. This letter will reduce the fee for volunteers.