Throwing (Ayr Minor Softball Association)


Throwing Instruction

This season all players will be working on a progressive throwing program.  Players will be asked to work on their skills at home through drills provided at clinics and team practices.  Click on the links below to see videos showing the drills.  More drills will be added as we progress.

This training program is provided courtesy of
The videos are provided to allow players and parents to have access to proper demonstration of the skills.  It is recommended to periodically check in with a coach to ensure it is being done correctly.

Each drill should be done daily for at least one week before adding the next drill.  I recommend one week on drill one then a week on drills 1 & 2 followed by a week on drills 2 & 3, etc.  Do not advance until the prior drill can be done repeatedly in the correct manner.

If a player is in need of extra assistance please contact your coach to make arrangements for individual training.

High Level Throwing Instruction

by Austin Wasserman - MS Nutrition, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

How to Create Resistance - an introduction to high level throwing patterns

1. Water Bottle Drill
- this may be the most important drill any play will do in their career - make it part of a daily routine

All AMSA teams will be strongly encouraged to make this drill a regular part of their practice routine.  50 repetitions a day at home (using the correct technique) will make a huge impact on throwing ability of any player.

2. Arm Behind - Seated Throws - There are several minor details that must be correct for this drill.  Please consult a coach to ensure it is being done correctly.

3. Half Kneeling Step and Throw - Once again ensure this drill is being done correctly.  If the player has difficulty with repetitions the prior drills should be the focus.

4. Foot Drag Drill (coming soon...)
5. Normal Step & Throws (coming soon...)