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Financial Assistance

Ayr Minor Softball Association recognizes that not all families are in a position to allow their children to play sports without financial assistance.  There are a number of programs that have been developed to assist families with the cost of registering their child for minor sports activities, targeted at keeping them active and involved with their friends and community.  We would encourage you to contact these agencies should you need assistance.

Their Opportunity

Their Opportunity exists to support under serviced families with the means to enroll their children into local sports and recreation programs. Their goal is to eliminate the financial barriers so children can develop essential life skills such as confidence and sportsmanship and develop the philosophy of giving back. They operate under a unique Giveback program where children receiving funding are required to “pay it forward” within the community.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart or 1-877-616-6600

Jumpstart considers itself more than just about getting kids active. They want to give all kids from families in financial need the same chance to participate as their neighbours, their classmates and their friends. Whether it's the chance to try a new sport or to continue with a favourite one, no kid should be left out. 

KidSport Canada

1 in 3 Canadian kids out of organized sport. KidSport provides grants to help cover those costs to ensure that no kid is ever left watching from the sidelines.  Their vision is a Canada where all children have the opportunity to participate in sport and develop in a positive way through sport.

Community Outreach Programs

Email or 519-622-6550 ext. 107

AMSA Subsidy

The Ayr Minor Softball Association (AMSA) understands the importance of children and youth in sport. The AMSA Subsidy policy recognizes that occasionally some families might have temporary difficulty providing this opportunity. “Subsidy” shall be recognized as funds used by AMSA towards a specific player’s registration.

Players and families requesting subsidy for their registration and/or surcharge fees shall submit a written request for subsidy to the AMSA Board, detailing the need for subsidization. This request will then be considered at the next available board meeting.

The Board shall discuss the request and base their decision on the information provided by the player and/or family. Consideration should be given to the stated ability to pay the registration and/or additional fees and whether additional community funding programs have been investigated/applied for.  The results of any community funding applications must be shared with the board prior to a final decision regarding AMSA subsidy.  If no community funding program has been investigated by the player and/or family, the board may direct the player/family to do so, prior to the consideration of an AMSA subsidy application.

Subsidy provided by AMSA will only be used in situations of hardship where fees are unable to be paid, rather than difficult to pay. Each and every case should be evaluated individually and independently. The Board shall not place any case in a situation of comparison.

In situations where the board approves a subsidy, the player or family shall not actually receive any funds, but the board will assume responsibility of payment of fees on the player/family’s behalf.

Families and/or players requesting subsidy shall be informed of the decision of the board by the President. Any subsidy request or discussion shall be viewed as strictly confidential. The identity of any applicant, family or player or the decision of the Board regarding subsidy shall remain confidential.