Injury Reporting (Ayr Minor Softball Association)

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Any time someone suffers an injury related to an Ayr Minor Softball event an injury report should be filled out. 
Each team will have a hard copy of the form in their Emergency Plan and there is an online form that can be filled out as well.

When possible we prefer an online report be completed.

* An injury is defined as any event which requires someone to be treated using medical supplies (bandages, ice, etc.) or to be seen by medical or first aid personnel.

The purpose of reporting is to quantify the safety of our activities and facilities.  It is very important that all injuries are reported in a timely fashion (within 72 hours of incident). 

The person acting as trainer of the team involved should ideally be the one to fill out the report although anyone designated by the trainer may do so.

Online Injury Report

AMSA_Injury_Report (hard copy)

For information about concussion management

For more information on Softball related injuries refer to the following document: