Pitching (Ayr Minor Softball Association)


Pitching Instruction

This page will contain information to help young pitchers develop.  Feel free to use the information here for self training at home however it is strongly advised to consult with AMSA instructors for support.  Clinics and personal instruction will be available throughout the year.

There are many resources available that teach pitching however not all are appropriate or even helpful.  Significant effort has been made to compile the information below and the sources are exceptional in understanding of pitching as well as how to teach it.

The links below will take you to a Dropbox site where you can download zip files of two excellent pitching references.  Download the zip files to your own computer then expand them to be able to open the html files in your web browser.  
Note that these files contain animated images to help with understanding so please allow them to fully load to get the full experience.

Pitching with Internal Rotation
This is the foundation of any high level pitcher.  The steps to develop proper internal rotation movements are covered and illustrated in detail.  The drills from this document are vital to learning how to pitch.  If you only read one document to learn to pitch or help a young pitcher, this is it!

Drive Mechanics
Advanced mechanics for movement of the body, primarily the lower half.  Note that this document is extremely technical and contains a great deal of information.  While it is all very important it must be applied according to the level of the pitcher.  This is perhaps the most complete description of pitching mechanics ever compiled.